Would You Wear A Shirt That Can Be Worn For 100 Days Without Washing?

All clothes should be like denim jeans, so you can wear them unwashed for weeks without looking and smelling like you just plucked it out of a garbage dump.  Wool & Prince claims their button-down shirts can do just that, allowing you to wear it for 100 days straight without costing you any style points.

Yes, I’m skeptical of that 100-day claim, too.  I mean, this isn’t the first time somebody created wool clothing before and while I do understand the advantages over regular cotton shirts (wool is more durable, more resilient to wrinkles, and works with sweat way better), three months of wear without washing or dry cleaning just seems like a gross exaggeration   If that’s true, everything short of rolling in pig mud and showering in coffee will allow you to keep wearing the same shirt over and over.

Wool & Prince uses fine wool thread in their button-down shirts, giving it natural anti-wrinkle and odor-resistant properties.  They call the fabric Cotton-Soft, a proprietary blend that combines superfine worsted yarn, low micron fibers, and a soft weave structure.  Fit is supposedly similar to J.Crew’s tailored fit and Brooks Brothers’ slim fit shirts, with several colors and designs on the roster.  Those all sound good, of course, and if it can stand even a fraction of the promised 100 days (I’ll be happy with two weeks), I’m sold.

Currently, Wool & Prince have a fully-funded Kickstarter project that’s still ongoing.  You can order your own button-down wool shirts from them, with pledges starting at $98.

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