A Hidden Storage Unit In Plain Sight Gives The Woolsey Agent Desk Proper 007 Vibes


According to designer Sean Woolsey, the Woolsey Agent Desk draws its inspiration from James Bond, as it embodies what he imagines a desk for the world’s most conspicuous secret agent will look like. With its sleek design, minimalist details, and hidden details, we can definitely see that, although we’d probably add a couple of hidden firearms, covert tactical gadgets, and a pull-out cabinet filled with supplies for making martinis to really sink it in.

The most James Bond part of this thing? A secret storage unit on the tabletop that’s hiding in plain sight, where you can stash away an emergency pistol, stolen documents, or your James Bond cologne. That storage is camouflaged using a built-in mousepad that can only be removed using a supplied magnetic wood geode that you can, in turn, hide somewhere else.


The Woolsey Agent Desk has a steel powder-coated base with a top cut in black walnut. That steel base means you can use magnets to quickly add additional storage along the frame, while the wood gives the desk a traditional and elegant feel. Dimensions are 60 x 30 inches for the tabletop, so it can accommodate desktop towers and multi-monitor setups. Features include two soft-close drawers out front and an included power strip with a magnetic back that you can attach anywhere on the frame. It comes in a hand-rubbed oil and wax finish.


Available now, the Woolsey Agent Desk is priced at $3,850.


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