Work Corset Turns Shapely Undergarment Into Handyman Gear

Want to hide your midsection bulge, while performing repairs around the house?  If you’re a dude, tough luck. Even though you can wear the Work Corset if you want, I imagine you’d rather not.

Created by Nifer Fahrion and seamstress Robynne Winchester, the shapely utility wear combines the elegance of a corset top with the handyman function of a toolbelt.  The result is a decidedly feminine garb with enough holsters and pockets to make you the sexiest DIY enthusiast around the block.

The Work Corset is made from a rugged cotton canvas fabric that’s both durable and breathable, allowing you to get to work without ever worrying about your outfit.  Seriously, I’m impressed that the material barely even droops with all of those heavy tools hanging from it.

Instead of installing permanent holsters and pockets on the top, they are merely attached to the corset using heavy-duty clips, allowing you to reconfigure the outfit, depending on what you need to carry along.  The holsters are made from sturdy Occidental leather, which both capably carries the tools and compliments the corset’s design.

According to Nifer, the unique attire is still a work in progress, with many tweaks and updates still waiting to be done.  Not sure if it will ever hit the market, but wouldn’t it be the perfect gift for that sexy little tomboy in your life?