Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener Uses Magnets To Make Manually Tuning Up Your Knives Easier Than Ever

What the heck is a rolling knife sharpener? That’s the same question we asked when we first heard about the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener. As it turns out, this is a somewhat recent sharpener design that uses a magnetic block to hold the knife at the correct edge angle, allowing you to simply move the sharpening barrel while they’re on a flat surface to properly refresh the blade.

That’s right, this new rolling design turns knife sharpening into an idiot-proof endeavor, ensuring everything is held at the right angle, so all you need to do is move the barrel holding the abrasive surface. So long as you know the angle on your knife’s edge, you should be able to sharpen any blade correctly, making it a tool even complete novices can use to keep their knives in tip-top shape.

The Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener is made up of two main parts: a magnetic block and a barrel. Each side of the magnetic block is finished at different angles, namely 15 degrees, 17 degrees, 20 degrees, and 25 degrees, so you simply snap your steel blade with the edge facing up on whichever side corresponds with the angle on its edge. The top and bottom sides of the block are flat, too, so you can press down on it and keep it completely level, so long as you’re on a flat desk.

The barrel, on the other hand, has an abrasive disc mounted inside a wheel on one end, a flat bottom, and a soft touch grip on top that you can use to grip it securely. The abrasive disc is swappable, with three included in the set, namely, a 320-grit diamond, a 600-grit diamond, and a fine ceramic, any of which you can swap in place, depending on what you need. If you’re reshaping a very dull knife, for instance, you can start with the coarse 320-grit disc, then follow it up with the finer 600-grit abrasive. Once everything is sharpened to your satisfaction, you can finish the job with the fine ceramic to clean up any scratches.

To use the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener, you start by snapping the knife blade on the correct side of the magnetic block. Make sure the edge is facing up to keep the edge from brushing against the table surface. After that, you choose the abrasive you want and swap it into the barrel. From there, you simply hold the magnetic block against the table using one hand and use the other hand to roll the abrasive barrel back and forth on the blade to sharpen it. It’s a pretty straightforward and relatively easy job.

According to the outfit, the round abrasive surface is large enough to capably sharpen everything, from pocket knives and hunting knives to the largest knives you have in your kitchen. Work Sharp’s version of the rolling magnetic design doesn’t take up all that much space, either, especially when compared with other sharpeners that can simplify the process as much as this does.

Want one? The Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener is available now.

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