Never Use A Dull Blade Again With This Pocket Knife Sharpener In Your EDC Bag


You always carry a small knife in your pocket for those times you need to perform various cutting, slicing, and piercing duties throughout the day. Problem is, all blades get dull and you don’t want to be caught needing a knife only to find your pocket folder has been requiring maintenance all this time. Worksharp’s Pocket Knife Sharpener makes sure you’re always ready to hone that blade when it needs a little fine-tuning.

A compact and packable knife sharpener, the contraption is designed for bringing along as part of your EDC gear, whether you carry them in a tool roll, a pouch, or a small pocket on your backpack. Despite the name, it’s not really small enough to comfortably fit in a pants pocket, although it should be easily accommodated in any EDC pouch.


The Worksharp Pocket Knife Sharpener consists of a bar-shaped tool that looks to be around six inches in length (maybe a little longer). It’s about as wide as a typical ruler, albeit with a thicker profile, so while it will probably fit in your pants’ back pocket, we doubt it’s going to be comfortable or secure (we have a feeling this can fall off at any time). A jacket pocket, an EDC pouch, or a small compartment on your backpack, however, should make for a suitable place to properly stash it, making it easy to take with you wherever you’re going.

It comes with two sharpening tools: a diamond sharpening plate and a ceramic honing rod, each one installed at opposite edges of the bar form factor. That way, you can perform quick touch-ups using the ceramic or perform a complete profiling using the diamond plate, giving you exactly the tool you need, regardless of what issues come up while you’re out in the field.


The Worksharp Pocket Knife Sharpener comes with angle guides built-in on both honing surfaces – a 20-degree angle guide on the 320-grit diamond plate and a 25-degree angle guide on the ceramic rod. All elements on the sharpener are self-contained, by the way, so there are no removable or collapsible parts. As such, you can simply pull it out and immediately use it to sharpen any blade, whether it’s your pocket folder, a survival knife, or a machete you’re using to arm yourself against what looks like a Predator from a distance. Seriously, you never know what you might encounter in the backcountry.


If you plan to keep it for personal use, by the way, the sharpener is covered by a legacy lifetime warranty. That means, you can hand it down to one of your kids and it remains guaranteed against damage, provided the company remains standing. Do note, the warranty is strictly for damage or failure (basically, if it breaks or won’t sharpen, they’ll fix it), so they won’t replace the sharpener if you lose it while fighting off Bigfoot in the mountains.

Slated for availability end of the month, the Worksharp Pocket Knife Sharpener is priced at $15.

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