World Of Warcraft Collectible Coin Set Will Buy You Entry Into WOW Country When It Rises


Looking to invest in precious coins?  If the usual government-minted fare doesn’t do it for you, these World of Warcraft collectible coins just might.  Yep, it’s real WOW gold, silver and copper that you can keep in a treasure chest.

These aren’t real tender (unless you’re moving to Blizzard’s fantasy universe anytime soon), but I can’t imagine WOW junkies turning a blind eye when you flash one of these things.  In case you’re in a bind, you might even be able to exchange it with fellow Warcraft devotees for real food and shelter.  Just pray they actually take off their headphones long enough to hear you knock on the door.

Each Horde and Alliance coin set comes in sets of three.  The first is a 24 karat gold-plated slab (1.625-inch diameter), featuring the Human Military Leader of the Alliance: King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind.  Second is a 1.375-inch diameter coin plated in sterling silver, featuring the Dwarven King: Magni Bronzebeard of Iron Forge.  Last is a copper-plated coin (1.25-inch diameter) of the Night Elf High Priestess: Tyrande Whisperwind of Silvermoon.

The coins come on a black, hinged wooden box (measuring 6.25 x 3.25 x .75 inches) with a clear, glass window and flocked, vacu-formed tray.  A non-removable commemorative metal Alliance emblem plaque is also included.

Some of you may be laughing at the avid gamers who buy these coins now, but it’s a really good investment when you think about it.  It’s only a matter of time before addicted WOW players grow in such massive numbers that they’ll probably form their own country.  These things (which currently cost $61.59) should turn out extremely precious in those parts of the world.  Or maybe not.

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