World’s Biggest Private Jet Will Host Four-Poster Beds And Turkish Bath

When you’re so rich every dude in your rolodeck has a private plane, getting one for yourself doesn’t seem like a big deal.  But you like being a big deal, so instead of just picking up a random aircraft for yourself, you place an order for the biggest, most luxurious one your £300 million budget can afford.  That’s exactly what a Middle Eastern prince did.

Worcestershire-based firm Design Q is putting the project to paper, which should become the largest private jet in the world when it is completed within the next three years.  More than the size, though, they’re stocking it with a crapload of amenities that effectively turn it into a literal flying palace.

The luxury air vehicle will use a converted Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world.  Originally configured to hold up to 600 passengers, it’s been converted to house five suites, each one with king-size four-poster beds, built-in entertainment systems, individual prayer rooms and other creature comforts.   Guests who can’t squeeze into the private quarters can bunk in the guest staterooms, which house First-Class style sleepers for up to twenty people.

They’re retaining the plane’s original dual-decker configuration, with extra space at the rear bottom turned into a parking garage for cars.  All lodging areas go on the top floor, with the lower platform housing a concert hall, a relaxation zone (with a Turkish bath) and a well-being room (where the floor is turned into a giant screen showing the view below).

No word on who the wealthy owner is, although  Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal has been linked to the project.

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