137-Feet Y-40 Is The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

Sorry Nemo 33, your claim to fame just got usurped.  Four-star Hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, Italy is now host to the new record holder for the deepest swimming pool in the world.  Called Y-40 The Deep Joy, the insane facility has a bottom floor that extends 137 feet deep.

Designed by renowned architect Emanuele Boaretto, the pool has the diving height of a 12-story building, making it perfectly suitable for recreational diving activities.  Wetsuits aren’t required (thank God, because no one needs to see you wearing a Star Trek wetsuit ever again) when exploring the facility’s depths, either, as it’s temperature-controlled from top to bottom (it’s always between 32 to 34°C).

From poolside, Y-40 The Deep Joy looks just like any large hotel pool, measuring 68.9 x 59 feet.  Dive in, however, and you’ll see the insanity, as it extends into a well-like structure similar to a giant funnel down below.  Multiple platforms at various depths allow divers to take a brief stop, with built-in caves for simulating underwater cave diving.  Want to admire the depths without having to dive in yourself?  Not a problem, since there’s a suspended, fully-enclosed underwater tunnel that’s completely transparent, where you can hang out and admire the view of swimming mermaids down below (note: mermaid sightings not guaranteed).

Because of its unique depth, the pool currently serves as an instruction site for scuba diving and freediving lessons, as well as a practice platform for divers looking to improve their underwater skills.  The pool started operations back in June.

You can learn more about Y-40 The Deep Joy from the official website.

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