World’s Loudest Bike Horn

Tired of people in their cars honking their loud horns while you pedal leisurely on the way to work?  Unless you’re hiding superpowers that let you mute everything within a 5 mile radius, we doubt you can make them stop.  You can, however, sound off right back if you’re riding the Hornster, which comes equipped with the loudest bike horn in the world.

Part publicity stunt (from the Environmental Transport Association) and part amusing novelty, this bicycle comes with a sound machine that blasts an ear-shattering 178-decibel honk.  That’s at least 30 decibels louder than an F-14 during take off and way louder than your meanest truck, guaranteeing everyone inside their comfy cars — even with Kanye in the stereos cranked up to 11 — can hear you.  Take that, people who like to sideswipe pedal pushers.

The Hornster uses a triple horn mounted on the handlebar to create the noise, which has been adapted to work using a full-sized scuba diving cylinder.  To make room for the scuba tank, which is integrated into the bike frame, the seat is positioned right over the rear tire.  The result is one awkward-looking bicycle that likely rides just as awkwardly with the most irritating sound you’ll ever hear on the road.

While the bicycle is listed as available for retail at a £4,995 price, it’s probably fair to assume no one’s parting with that kind of money for this ridiculousness (unless you’re ridiculously rich and bored).  Cute way to get the message out about the dangers cyclists face on busy roads, though.