Les 4 Mondes Could Be The World’s Most Expensive Coloring Book

Tired of waxing your Crayolas on cheap coloring books not worthy of your moneyed pedigree?  Bring luxury into your elementary school art skills with the Les 4 Mondes Coloring Book, a ridiculously expensive volume of line drawings that retail for $130.   Really.

Why the price?  We’re not sure, either.  It’s from luxury peddlers Hermes, which should explain some things about the decidedly steep pricing decision.  There’s not even a discussion of what kinds of drawing it contains, although we’re guessing it’s more of Hermes’ luxury goods, clad in line art that you can color with shades of gold, rubies and other expensive materials.  That, or unicorns that come alive after you color them.

The Les 4 Mondes is a 12-page coloring book, measuring 15 x 11 inches and printed with 24 different designs.  Yep, it’s that thin, driving the resulting cost to over $10 per page.  Hermes says it’s something both children and adults can appreciate, not that it clears up any questions about the exorbitant price tag.

In all fairness, there are coloring books I’d gladly pay $130 for.   Like…uhm…ok, there’s none.  Seriously, though, I’m so curious about what’s inside the Les 4 Mondes that I’m debating whether to stop eating for a couple of days and just buy one.   I mean, it could be unicorns…

[Hermes via Babble]