World’s Smallest Corkscrew Hooks On Your Key Ring

Even the coolest bottle opener in the world makes you nothing more special than the horde of beer-guzzling Neanderthals infesting your favorite college bar.  Try turning your bad habits toward something more classy.  Like, you know, cheap $10 bottles of wine.  Why wine?  So you can walk around with the World’s Smallest Corkscrew.

That’s right, it’s an itty bitty cork-puller designed to hang right on your key ring.  That way, you can always keep it in your pocket, ready to yank the plug out of any bottle you randomly pick up while browsing the grocery aisles, sparing you from having to gnaw at it with your teeth, like your instincts tell you to.

The World’s Smallest Corkscrew is a clever little contraption that measures 7 x 0.7 cm.  Like regular corkscrews, it has a helix that you thrust into a cork and a handle from which you’ll do the pulling from.  When not in use, the cross-shaft slides right into the screw without any sharp parts sticking out, so it doesn’t end up drilling a hole in your pocket (or worse, your crotch).

Because of the size, you can conveniently hook it along with the rest of your keys and fobs, barely adding any bulk in your pocket.  You don’t even have to give up the regular bottle opener, so you can have your Miller Lites and be ready for a Shiraz too.  Just like a cap-popping MacGyver.

Want to save the day for a wine-toting damsel in distress?  Pack the World’s Smallest Corkscrew and you’ll always be in play.  IWOT has the classy little key ring gadget for £6.99 (around $11).

[IWOT via Cool Material]