Worldwide Carpets Use Google Earth Screenshots As Rug Patterns

Want to know how it feels to have the world under your feet?  Now you can with these Worldwide Carpets, which come adorned with patterns printed out of Google Earth.

If you’ve spent any time with Google’s impressive satellite imagery program, you’ve probably noticed how the earth looks like fancy geometric patterns when looked at from way up there.  Yep, just like those designs so common in Persian carpets of old, which makes applying them onto a carpet quite the logical match.  And that’s exactly what designer David Hanauer did.

Worldwide Carpets’ standard creations are 6.5 x 4.5 feet rugs that feature repeating images of screenshots cropped out of Google Earth.  Patterns are printed directly onto the carpets, making for unique home flooring that are both visually intriguing and potentially entertaining.  You can step on buildings, kick on landscapes, and even have your dog poop on the Atlantic Ocean.  Maybe not so much of the latter, though, since you’ll still have to clean it up afterwards.

David has pre-made carpet prints that reportedly sell for upwards of $500 at designer boutiques in Berlin.  You can request specific patterns and screenshots for personalization, although price will vary depending on specific requests.  You can check out more designs directly from the website.

[DavidHanauer via Dvice]