Worx MakerX Rotary Tool Kit Shrinks The Rotary Tool To A Sharpie-Like Profile

For woodworkers, costume designers, and many other makers, a rotary tool is one of the most indispensable items. From cutting and grinding to sanding and detailing, a good rotary tool can make a laborious job feel a whole lot easier. While there are plenty of models from different brands out there, those in the hunt for the most compact one they can get should probably check out the Worx MakerX Rotary Tool Kit.

Easily one of the most compact rotary tools we’ve seen, it looks just a tad chunkier than a Sharpie. Heck, it even looks smaller than the original 3Doodler (although newer versions of the 3D printing pen are more compact). With its size and shape, you can grip it either like a handheld screwdriver or a writing instrument, allowing you to exert the kind of control and leverage you need, depending on what task you’re actually doing.

The Worx MakerX Rotary Tool Kit achieves the compact size by taking out the battery from the enclosure. Instead, they added a four-foot long cable in the back to hook it up to the outfit’s 20V or 40V batteries. We know, having a cable dangling in the back sounds annoying when you’re doing detailing work, such as engravings, although the compact build also means it’s easier to maneuver even in tighter spaces while putting less fatigue on your hands, making it a reasonably good trade-off. Plus, if the battery runs out of power, you can easily swap in a new one instead of having to pause work, so you can charge it on a power outlet.

It’s equipped with a compact brushless motor that bears a maximum rate of 35,000 rpm, with variable speed control that lets you slow it down for more precise control or speed it up to finish jobs quickly, depending on what you need for a particular task. Do note, the small motor means it doesn’t have a lot of torque, so it won’t be quite as powerful as some of the bigger rotary tools out there. It does, however, bring enough force for most crafting and woodworking tasks, although it might take you a bit longer to cut and grind through harder materials (e.g. cutting protruding bolts) compared to larger models.

The Worx MakerX Rotary Tool Kit comes with 42 accessories for engraving, grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing, and brushing, so you can start using it as soon as you add it to your stash. It uses a universal accessory mount, too, so it’s compatible with all sorts of bits and accessories from other brands like Dremel, allowing you to use any older items you already have in your stash. Plus, you can easily pick up accessories from any third party brand at the local hardware store any time you need a replacement.

It comes with a storage bag made from 600D nylon that, the outfit claims, is resistant from ripping, tearing, and dirt. They also included an accessory storage case for keeping all those little attachments, with extra room inside in case you want to throw in a few extra pieces from your stash.

The Worx MakerX Rotary Tool Kit is available now.

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