Worx ZipSnip Is The Motorized Scissor Replacement You Deserve


A good pair of scissors or a sharp pocket knife can handle most common cutting tasks. When you find the need to cut through corrugated cardboard, tough plastic packaging, and rubber, however, you’ll probably be saddened to find out the darn things just don’t handle them well enough. Those are the days you wish you had the Worx ZipSnip in a drawer somewhere.

A motorized handheld cutting tool, the darn thing lets you slice through thick cardboard, stubborn plastic, and tough rubber materials with ease. No elbow grease necessary (well, depending on how thick it is, you might need to put in a little). Just press the switch on top, aim it at the surface to cut, and off you go.


The Worx ZipSnip is a handheld and cordless cutting tool that’s, pretty much, a miniature circular saw, albeit one that you can’t use to cut wood and actual construction materials. Instead, it’s designed for jobs you’d normally tackle with safety razors and scissors, such as cutting off the corners of a toy’s packaging, ripping through thick cardboard for packing orders, or slicing up leather for a craft project, essentially making them a whole lot easier than usual. For anything more heavy-duty, you’ll definitely be better served going for a small circular saw instead.

Measuring 9.1 x 4.5 x 2 inches (length x height x depth), the device isn’t exactly small enough to slip inside a pocket, so it’s the kind of thing you leave in a drawer either at home, in the workshop, or in the office. It has a self-sharpening blade, so it requires no maintenance as far as the blade is concerned, along with a lock-out switch that automatically shuts it down when it detects any operational trouble to avoid causing injury or damaging your materials.


Because you hold the Worx ZipSnip similar to the way you hold a knife, the darn thing is dead easy to keep steady, allowing it to provide precision cuts, provided you’re not working on materials way beyond what the 4V tool was designed to handle. Seriously, few things will allow you to cut a straight line through wrapping paper and cardboard alike better than this thing. It boasts a soft grip handle for comfortable cutting sessions, all while weighing just a pound, so you can spend the whole day cutting without straining your hand and wrist.


It houses a rechargeable battery, so you simply have to plug it in when not in use to get it ready for a day of cutting. According to the outfit, a single charge should last months of use for average home users, although those who use it for business will probably need to charge it a little more often. Do note, the blade cannot be operated while it’s charging (the switch locks out), so you’ll have to plug in, juice it up a little, and yank it off the cord before performing any cutting tasks.

Want one? The Worx ZipSnip is available now.

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