Wrap It Up With Loving Geekiness

geeky_wrapping_paperIf you are tired of the teddy bears, gingerbread cookies, little party hats and polka-dots that make up the majority of wrapping paper on the market, then you might just be ready for Geeky Wrapping Paper. This paper features geeky designs that will make even the most unsociable basement-dwelling geek writhe in freakish pleasure.

This item comes in birthday – which has the words ‘Happy Birthday’ written in elvish, klingon, binary and hex, and has PDA’s, USB cables and Cell Phones in place of the normal confetti. You can also get ready for the holidays with the Christmas paper, which features cute little Christmas robots.

There were also binary, equations and emoticons, but they sold out really fast. So get on the ball and get your birthday and Christmas paper for the geek in your life.

Only $5.99 Check it Out