Wrap Your Laptop In A Chic South African Cement Bag

Why buy a run-of-the-mill laptop bag when you can buy one that prepares you for a potential career? That’s exactly what you get with the PPC Cement Laptop Bag, a full-featured messenger bag made from unused cement sacks.

What kind of career, you ask? One in mixing cement, of course, as the bag features complete instructions printed all over it. Do you know, for instance, that to mix a low strength concentrate of the calcined limestone and clay, you need one wheelbarrow of cement, four of sand and stone, and 70 liters of water? If you buy this bag, you will, as the full chart detailing every combination appears just right under the flap.

Each PPC Cement Laptop Bag comes with two main compartments separated by a padded divider and two large pockets. Creator Wren Design says the main area can hold up to 15.5-inch notebooks, with one pocket being large enough to house all of its cables, and the other sized to fit an iPhone. Side and bottoms of the bag have been padded with foam to absorb regular bumps.

Of course, using paper sacks as laptop bags sounds like a terrible idea. That’s why the PPC (short for South African company Pretoria Portland Cement) bags used as material have been duly strengthened. All layers have been bonded with calico to make them impervious to tearing, as well as infused with Scotch guard to make it water-resistant. The flap of each bag features the awesome-looking PPC logo, with an elephant’s head and the words “Strength Guaranteed” across it, as well as two hidden magnets so it closes securely. Strap is made from organic hemp.

Those in search of either unique-looking messenger satchels or a career in construction can score a handmade PPC Cement Laptop Bag from Wren Design’s Etsy store. Price is $82.

[Wren Design via Gadget Lab]