Wrist Ruler Turns A Leather Bracelet Into A Measuring Tool


If you find yourself needing to measure things as part of your daily routine, then it’s definitely wise to keep a tape measure (yes, a toilet paper tape measure qualifies, too) in your gear bag for readiness. In case your sense of style finds the tape measure a little too blasé, however, you can always opt to accessorize with this Wrist Ruler instead.

A wristband that doubles as a straight rule, it comes engraved with inch and centimeter measurement markers, so you simply take it off from your wrist to use like a conventional ruler. It’s quite long, too, at over 16 inches, so you can use it for, practically, any impromptu task that would otherwise require a traditional measuring tool.


The Wrist Ruler is a leather bracelet that you wear in a double loop, with a shiny metal post for securing tightly on your arm. Since it’s made from a reasonably thick cut of leather, the tool can be easily flattened out for using like traditional straight rulers, as well as wrap around objects like flexible tape measures. Plus, the darn thing isn’t entirely bad-looking, so you can totally rock it with most of your casual wardrobe.


Each Wrist Ruler is handmade and individually-numbered in a Portland workshop. Price is $19.95.

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