Wrist-Worn Kingii Inflates With A Tug To Keep You From Drowning


Life vests (even novelty ones that double as fish costume) can save your life – fact. They’re also kind of uncomfortable and unflattering – also a fact. Which is why many folks choose not to put one on when they set out to sea – a sad fact. If you won’t put on a life vest, maybe you’ll be more receptive to something like Kingii.

An inflatable wristband, it’s designed to keep you afloat with a single tug, giving you the benefits of a life vest without the drawbacks of wearing one.   Whether you get leg cramps in the midst of a swim, fall off a jet ski, or experience an unfortunate accident in the middle of the ocean, this thing should help you float on top without any effort on your part.


For a wristband, Kingii is anything but small. Seriously, it looks like the kind of wristband a supervillain will wear to shoot weaponized lasers at his enemies or something. Still, it’s small enough that even children can wear it comfortably, apart from being unobtrusive, making it the most convenient option for an equipment that can genuinely keep you from drowning.

To activate Kingii, simply pull on the hook to activate the CO2 cylinder, which inflates an orange safety bag that pops out on the side and drags you up to the surface of the water. After you’re safely back on shore, simply remove the used CO2 cartridge, deflate the bag, fold it back into its compartment in the band, and swap in a fresh CO2 cartridge to equip it for another session. Features include a bright orange inflation bag for maximum visibility, a wrist clasp to ensure it secures tightly, a built-in compass, a whistle (so you can call for help), and the ability to provide buoyancy to adults up to 275 pounds.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Kingii. Pledges to reserve a unit (wristband plus two CO2 cartridges) starts at $69.

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