WTFJeans Come With Spacious, Micro-Fiber Pockets For Your Gadgets


Let’s face it.  Your jeans weren’t built for housing gadgets.  Slipping them into those tight pockets is the easiest path to cracked screens, ugly scratches and all sorts of damage.  WTFJeans offer up a solution: denim pants made specifically for those with a throng of handheld gadgets to lug around.

It’s not exactly a stroke of genius, but still cool none the less.  I am guessing these guys were having gadget lugging issues and were sick and tired of it. So, they made a pair of jeans with pockets designed specifically for housing handheld electronics.  Simple and practical, that’s how we like it. Not only are the pockets spacious (as you can see in the picture), the interior is also lined with micro-fiber to keep scratches away.  They throw in special secret pockets for thumbdrives too, though I really don’t know why.


Each pair of WTFJeans feature a waist that’s cut low in front and cut high in the back.  That way, you don’t have to look like a middle school nerd with a high waist, all while keeping your plumber crack from showing.  The style of pockets are controversial though, which could lead some people to think you’re wearing your pants backwards.  At least, you won’t look like a middle school nerd nor risk showing everyone your plumber crack.  Can’t win everything.

Save for the 90s “Jump!Jump!” reference (“Daddy Mack will make you”) these pants will inspire, they do look good.  Judging from the pictures on the site, they should also protect your gadgets, as claimed.

WTFJeans will be available in a limited run of 1000 pairs.  The first 100 will be sold for $80, the next 400 for $105 and the final 500 for $150.

[WTF Jeans via Dvice]