Wunda Weeder Brings Motorized Comfort To Garden Work

Can’t stand all that bending over when tending to your garden?  Save your neck and back from the strain of tilling the land with the Wunda Weeder, a self-propelled machine that lets you plant, weed and harvest a large plot of land in utter comfort (okay, maybe, just a little less hardship).

Made by Australian inventors Brendan Corry and Peter Sargent, the motorized cart is designed to carry one operator on his stomach in a prone position.  That way, you get full access to working with the soil without having to bend your legs and arch your back.

The Wunda Weeder does more than spare you from straining your back and your hamstrings from all that arching, though.  Equipped with wheels, electric motor and a steering system, you need not tire your feet from hours of walking either.  Since it uses little power to move, a series of roof-installed solar panels can generate enough energy to keep the cart moving for the duration of your work.  A strong friend can also push it, in case the sun isn’t a cooperative mood.

Measuring 7.5 x 4.1 x 3.9 feet (l x w x h) and weighing 220 lbs, the farm/garden vehicle can run at speeds of up to 1.9 mph.   The actual platform is adjustable, so you can modify it to work with most types of plants on your garden.  Other features include integrated trays (for holding all those seeds and weeds) and sun shades for more comfortable use during hot summer days.

At present, the inventor duo are building a second prototype of the Wunda Weeder, one that’s better suited to typical garden workloads.  It’s the version they intend to take into production.

[Wunda Weeder via OhGizmo]