X-Arcade Arcade2TV Pedestal: The Only Arcade Cabinet You’ll Ever Need

Sure, you can buy a dedicated arcade cabinet with built-in beer tap and park it in the basement to get your old-school button-mashing fix (while getting totally plastered at the same time).  But why do that when you can get a retro-style arcade system that can pair with any modern TV and game console, ready to satisfy all present and future gaming needs?  That’s exactly what you’ll get with the X-Arcade Arcade2TV Pedestal.

A standing arcade cabinet with lockable wheels, you can easily move it around the house.  Wife and kids out?  Stay in and geek out on Bionic Commado right on the wall-mounted living room TV.  Girlfriend hogging the TV watching Dancing with the Stars?  Take your arcade to the kitchen TV and play Atari Outlaw to your heart’s content.  Snotty dinner guests coming over?  Push the cabinet to the garage and keep it out of sight.

The X-Arcade Arcade2TV Pedestal comes with two sets of controls in classic arcade layout, with high-quality joysticks and buttons.  There’s also a huge trackball in the center for navigation controls, making it easier to choose what games to play next.  It can hook up with any HDMI-equipped display, including TVs, monitors and projectors, allowing you to play the 250 integrated games (from QBERT, Atari, Midway, Namco, Capcom and more) with any existing screen in your home.  Want to use it with modern games?  Not a problem, as it can serve as controller for 10 different gaming platforms, including Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.  Other features include an adjustable LED sidelighting system, a lockable access panel tray for storing gaming supplies, and support for MAME, allowing you to add more retro games on top of what comes in the box.

Even better, X-Arcade wants this to be the last arcade cabinet you purchase.  As such, it’s laden with premium construction that renders it virtually unbreakable:  steel chrome base, commercial-grade components, lifetime warranty on all controls, and a remote diagnostic service that ensures any problem you encounter can be immediately fixed.

Pricing for the X-Arcade Arcade2TV Pedestal is set at $2,499.99.

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