Relive Head-To-Head Arcade Gaming With X-Arcade’s Cocktail Cabinet “Space Race”


Upright arcade cabinets are great if you like spending time in your man cave tiring your legs by standing up for inordinate amounts of time. If you’d rather preserve the man cave as a sacred place for relaxing like a slob, this X-Arcade Cocktail Cabinet “Space Race” should be a more suitable option.

Clad in a classic cocktail table form factor, the arcade cabinet features a central screen with a control system on either end, enabling head to head battles with the friends, the kids, and even the wife, so you can settle marital disputes about who’s doing whichever household chore by playing two-person 8-bit games. That way, your retro gaming hobby doesn’t have to be such a solitary pursuit, allowing you to drag new converts into the old-school gaming fold.


Like X-Arcade’s other gaming rigs, the Cocktail Cabinet “Space Race” is a plug-and-play machine, with over 250 games built right in, along with a simple but good-looking interface. It also comes with built-in WiFi for connecting to your home network, with support for all the popular open-source emulators, so you can easily add new games to the inventory. Do note, the head-to-head versus option works best with games that have a “Dip Switch” to enable “cocktail mode” play, so two player modes are best enjoyed with games originally made for table-style play.


Heavy-handed button masher? Not a problem, since this is professionally-built using commercial-grade parts, so each one should stand up to the rigors of overexcited play, just like the machines in your favorite video arcades from back in the day. It measures 30.5 x 40.75 x 21 inches and weighs 125 pounds.

Available now, the X-Arcade Cocktail Cabinet “Space Race” is priced at $2,399.99.

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