X-Dream Gyroxus Gaming Chair Lets You Sway While You Play

You’ve spent an inordinate amount of cash on your gaming system, buying not just the console, but loads of games and peripherals.  Heck, some of you probably even bought  a new TV just for playing.  So what are you still doing sitting on the couch while taking down AI opponents and traversing virtual universes?  The X-Dream Gyroxus wants to change all that, bringing a gyroscopic gaming chair that moves your body along with your gameplay.

Designed for a more immersive gaming experience, the chair will move along with your natural body reactions while you’re playing, using “no motors or power-assistance of any kind.”  You know how you shift posture slightly to one side when banking a tight corner in a game like Need For Speed?  With this cleverly-rigged seat, your entire body will go along with you, adding an extra dimension to your usual gaming experience.

The X-Dream Gyroxus measures 26.25 x 48 x 30.75 inches and can sit one player weighing up to 280 lbs.  Featuring a contoured seat with adjustable position, it’s equipped to deliver as much comfort as every serious gamer deserves.  An arm with a mount sits right below the crotch area, giving you a permanent spot to hold your controller.

Each chair comes with a wireless controller (no option without it), so you have to order from the sales page for your specific gaming system.  As of now, we can only find the ones for the Xbox 360 (controller works with Windows too) and the PS3.  Sorry, Wii fans, nobody loves you.

Price for the X-Dream Gyroxus is £399.95 (around $640).

[source BoysStuff]