X-Force Swing Trainer Fixes Your Stroke, Builds Up Your Golf Muscles


Struggling with the timing and explosions of your golf swing?  Give up the Wiimote and spice up your off-course drives with Callaway Golf’s X-Force Swing Trainer, a practice club that will help build up your 18-hole muscles.

Twice as heavy as a regular golf club, the X-Force Swing Trainer should prove a capable self-defense equipment, more damaging than a standard club, while not as obvious as a baseball bat.  More importantly, the weight obliges you to really put your body through the practice swings, helping you develop strength right where it matters.  A built-in impact feature that simulates striking an actual ball also trains you to time your drives to hit those shots with commanding authority.

With a feel that simulates a real golf club and a scientific design, it allows you to work on your golf game without spending time under the sun.  It solves a variety of common problems many beginner-to-intermediate players face, including poor follow through, bad outside-in swings and a weak left arm.  Even better, it tones all your golfing muscles without having to lift a single dumbbell.

If you’ve been meaning to work on your swing but can’t afford to pay for lessons, this could be just the thing that helps you set your strokes right.  Callaway Golf’s X-Force Swing Trainer is now available for $119.99.

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