Collapsible X-Pot Can Cook 2.8 Liters Of Food And Fold Down To A 1.5-Inch Disc


While they are a camping necessity, pots are far from the most convenient things to try to fit in your pack. Their bulky builds, round shapes, and protruding handles just make them a nightmare to comfortably find room for. That’s not a problem with the X-Pot, a cooking pot that collapses to little more than the size of a Frisbee.

Made by Sea to Summit, it’s a collapsible pot that should fit conveniently in even the most crowded bags. Measuring just 1.5 inches thick when closed (yep, thinner than the Pack-Away Kettle), complete with ribbed folding handles, it removes all the awkwardness associated with adding pots to your gear, leaving you more room to add extra tools and supplies.


The X-Pot is a 2.8-liter (94.5 oz) cooking pot with a lid and two handles, so you can cook with the same convenience you’re used to doing at home. A hard, anodized aluminum base allows you to expose it to direct fire, with food-grade silicone walls keeping all the heat in while allowing the unique collapsible function. Lid is translucent, so you can watch the food as it cooks, with an integrated strainer, so you can drain water from pasta directly from the pot. Yes, pasta totally grows on trees in the jungle, so it’s a really handy feature.


At the size, the X-Pot won’t exactly cook food for a whole crew, but it should work well when making stew for two to three people with no problem.   Plus, you can probably use it as a frisbee during downtime at camp.

Available now, the X-Pot is priced at $49.95.

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