X170 Action Camera Latches Anywhere For Unique Sports Shots

Sports cameras are great for many types of outdoor activities, but are frequently limited by only latching to either helmets or handlebars. The X170 Action Camera goes extreme on the mounting options, allowing you to position it practically anywhere while skiing, biking or doing any other type of action sport.

Boxed with a huge array of mounts, it can grip onto your helmet, strap onto your head, latch onto your goggles, clamp on your handlebars and attempt to hug other things via a universal clip. If you’d still like a different shot than what those allow (like how the downhill trail looks like from your elbow), you can use the included Velcro fastener to attach it to a whole host of other stuff too.

Made by Drift Innovation, the X170 weighs a light 128 grams and is waterproof, making it a good match for most varieties of action sports. You can control the camera via a wrist-worn remote from up to 16 feet, as well as watch the feed through the onboard 1.5-inch color LCD screen (because it’s always a good idea to look at your wrist while performing a somersault on a BMX). It can shoot 720 x 480 videos at 30 fps, as well as snap 5 megapixel action photos, using a 170-degree wide-angle lens that can rotate up to 300-degrees.

It has integrated mic and speakers, so you can record yourself screaming in pain after an injury in either MP4 or MJPEG AVI format. You can review the results on both the wrist-mounted screen or via included cables on a TV. All files are stored directly to an SD card (up to 16GB).

The X170 Action Camera costs $200. Make sure to stock up on AAs, because this thing runs through two of them in just under an hour.

[Drift Innovation via Gadget Lab]