X6 Simulator: Virtual Racing That Promises Up To 90% Realism


PC driving simulators rarely do enough to float my boat.  It’s just not fun working those clunky wheel and pedal sets that you can buy at the mall, compared to the full virtual racing experience you get to enjoy at the arcade.  The X6 Racing Simulator is one of those racing rigs you will have to make a trip to the arcade for – unless you’re sleeping with a bed full of cash and are willing to part with it.

It comes with two separate base frames, one for the seat and another for the display, allowing you to set it up as near or as far as you’d like.  The chief allure of the machine is a six-axis motion unit for the seating, which shakes your seat all over the place, simulating the driving experience inside the cabin of an actual racing vehicle.

The display features blue LED illumination to create an immersive feel, 3D capability and V8 engine sound recreation.  Unlike many racing simulators we’ve seen that comes with a regular PC to play GTR and other titles, the X6 comes with its own racing game, with the machine fine-tuned to support it.

With a wide variety of cars, circuits and tuning options, each player can come up with their own individual profiles, customizing the game to their liking.  The manufacturer claims that the level of realism available in the X6 Simulator reaches up to 90% – with the remaining 10% probably representing the accidents you can get into while on a real race car and the amount of attention that you get from chicks from risking life and limb (neither of which are available to gamers).

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