Xbox Series S Toaster Makes Toast Browned With the Xbox Sphere Logo

There’s probably no kitchen appliance much simpler than the toaster.  You get two slots, each with their own heating elements, ready to heat up and brown your bread slices in short order. As such, it’s one of those appliances people like to have fun with, decking them to look like vintage radios, hippie vans, and other quirky designs. This time around, they turn it into a current-gen game console in the form of the Xbox Series S Toaster.

That’s right, Microsoft’s digital-only console gets a toaster version styled to look like its namesake device without any actual gaming chops. No hooking up to a TV, logging into Game Pass, or playing Forza on this thing – just an erstwhile regular toaster clad to look like a modern gaming system.

The Xbox Series S Toaster takes on the familiar styling of Microsoft’s digital-only console, recreating its boxy proportions, black round vent, and all-white enclosure. Of course, no one’s going to mistake it for an actual Xbox, since they also added a quartet of feet at the base, a bread slot sized to fit two large slices on top, and standard toaster controls out front. It comes with six settings for the amount of browning you want on your toast, which you can easily adjust using the knob, as well as a defrost button (for dealing with frozen bread) and a bagel button (if you want to toast bagels instead). There’s also a cancel button to quickly shut everything down, in case you change your mind about giving your morning bread a dark and crispy char.

Instead of simply browning the bread like any regular toaster, this Xbox-themed appliance takes the opportunity to brandish your toast with the Xbox sphere logo. That’s right, the toasted sections of the bread are shaped to show a large logo of Microsoft’s fourth-gen console, making it an excellent novelty for diehard fans of the gaming brand that Halo built.

The Xbox Series S Toaster takes comes with all the standard toaster features. The wide bread slot, for instance, has a self-centering guide to make sure you place your bread correctly in place. You also get a removable crumb tray to make cleanup easy, an LED countdown to keep you occupied while you wait for breakfast to cook, and auto-ejection once the bread is ready, as well as automatic temperature control, non-stick coated plates, and an anti-jam function, so it works much like whatever toaster you already have in the counter. Except… you know… it’s got those Xbox gaming looks that make it more of a toasting console than just the same old boring toaster.

Dimensions are 7.6 x 4.6 x 15 inches (height x width x depth), so it will take up quite a long, albeit narrow, chunk of counter space. The outfit claims it has a cool-touch exterior, too, but we’d rather not tempt fate, given how many times we’ve touched the outside of toasters and ended up regretting it.

The Xbox Series S Toaster is available now as a Walmart exclusive. Price is $39.99.

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