XClear Mounts Your GoPro On Any Smooth Surface In Mere Seconds


There’s no shortage of accessories for GoPro cameras that allow you to mount it on practically any object at absolutely any angle. The XClear, however, makes mounting action cams on any smooth surface more straightforward than ever.

A reusable action cam mount, you simply stick it to the back of your camera and snap the other side onto any smooth surface. Done, it’s now perfectly settled in place.  No need to bring a tripod or any other mount along, as this thing allows you to quickly affix your action cam on walls, doors, and any other object you chance upon throughout the course of your day.


The XClear consists of a small rectangular sheet with those nano-suction surfaces on either side, similar to the ones used in the back of the Podo Selfie Cam. To the unfamiliar, those are, basically, tiny suction cups that allow them to adhere to any smooth surface, all while being easy enough to peel off and remove for later reuse. That’s right, it uses suction cups rather than adhesive, so there’s no sticky mess to deal with after you’ve finished shooting footage. As such, you can use this to turn most any flat surface into a mounting spot, whether it’s a metal sign on the road, a wooden backrest on a bench in the park, or right on the back of your laptop. We know, we’d like to be able to mount it on tree barks, posts, and random rocks on the trail, too, but for now, this should give you unlimited mounting options whenever you’re in the city.

Each sheet is fully reusable, by the way, so you never have to throw it away no matter how many times you’ve used one. In case the hold doesn’t appear to be as strong as it used to be, it’s probably just dirty, so just clean it with water and a mild detergent to have it working good as new again.


The XClear is sized to work with most any brand and model of action cam in the market, whether it’s a popular brand (like GoPro and Garmin) or one of those lesser-known brands that have taken over the scene. And while, in theory, you should be able to use it to mount any device on a wall (like a smartphone or tablet), the sheet is only rated to support the weight of action cams, so all bets are off if you ever decide to try using it with heavier devices.


It measures around the size of a credit card, albeit with a slightly thicker build, so it should fit quite nicely inside most wallets, allowing you to carry it around everywhere you go. Seriously, if you’ve been in the market for a GoPro mount you can bust out instantly as soon as the need comes up, this just might be the most convenient one to have around, as it allows you to have a functional mount without taking up all that much space.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the XClear. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at £20.

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