XCM Eye Candy for Nintendo DSi And NDSi


Do you remember the days when games consoles used to have plastic exterior shells the size of a small apartment complex just to hide their ugly insides, circuit boards and inefficient wiring? No? That just me? You really don’t remember the NES? It was the size of a small house and weighed as much as my obese Labrador. But anyway, perhaps I’m showing my age a little too much here.

Well since the times of the NES, wiring got tighter, programming better and in general consoles got a whole lot bigger and better. But not bigger in the common sense of the word. Bigger on performance and smaller in size, a whole lot more performance packed into a whole lot less casing.

It is little surprise then, that the owners of the latest consoles, including the Nintendo DS and DSi have little shame in baring its insides. That is where the XCM Eye-Candy shell comes in. This is a shell you buy separately from your console and from a completely different retailer independent of Nintendo. The shell replaces the normal one that came with your console and is completely clear, leaving all the insides of your console visible. It even comes with the screwdriver to make fitting it a little easier. Yes, it does require you to remove the plastic casing from your console in the first place and replace it with this, a task that might be a little daunting for those unfamiliar with concept of screws and who panic when they see a wire. But for more people, this is a perfectly simple and straightforward task and the case comes with instructions. I struggle to see how much instruction you can offer on unscrewing screws, but never mind.

At $27.99 this is not going to break the bank. As well as the completely clear one, it comes in a blue colour too, so for those of you looking to jazz up your consoles, you can find out more on the Extreme Mods site.