XTEND Is A Collapsible Bathtub That Can Flat Pack For Easy Storage


If you’re going to install a bathtub, it goes without saying that your bathroom should be big enough to accommodate one. But what if you live in a tiny apartment with a tiny bathroom, but would like to enjoy a soothing bath in place of a shower every now and again? This XTEND Bathtub might offer a solution.

A collapsible bathtub, the whole thing can pack flat for convenient storage, allowing you to put it away in a closet after every use. Any time you get the urge for another soak, simply bring it out, expand it, and place it on the bathroom floor to prepare yourself a warm, relaxing bath.


Designed by Carina Deuschl, the XTEND Bathtub is made using a single piece of carbon fiber whose body has been cut in an intricate collapsible pattern using high-pressure waterjet technology. To enable the collapsible function, the body isn’t solid (water will fall right through), so it uses a soft, padded fabric inlay for filling with water and soaking in. Since the water-cut tub will probably collapse as soon as it feels the weight of the water, it comes with a set of four legs that install in the corners to keep it expanded and standing during use.


It even comes with a pipe for connecting to a water line, along with drainage holes for easily clearing out the water after a bath. Measuring just a third of an inch thick when collapsed, it’s highly-portable, too, making it a viable option for bringing a bath tub during your outdoor adventures.

Unfortunately, the XTEND Bathtub is only a prototype for now, with no immediate plans for production. You can learn more from Deuschl’s website.

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