Mash Buttons Like It’s 1989 With Xtension’s Two Player Arcade Control Board


Like many guys, you’ve probably thought about getting an arcade cabinet for playing in your man cave. And like many, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that investing in a full game cabinet is a little too much for playing a couple of SNES games with your buddies while drinking on Friday nights. Maybe invest in something a little more modest like the Xtension Two Player Control Board instead.

That’s right, instead of buying a full game cabinet, just pair this two-player control pad with an old gaming PC (I mean, you’ll be playing crappy retro games, so it will do) and enjoy an arcade-like gaming experience from the comfort of your home. Just place on a table in front of the TV or monitor you’re playing on and you can play like it’s 1989 all over again.


The Xtension Two Player Control Board is designed for plug-and-play use on both Macs and PCs, with a profile that’s pre-configured for the popular MAME arcade software. It supports most any game emulator currently in the wild, so you can use it with any of those game ROMs you’ve downloaded off torrent. Each side of the control pad comes with eight action buttons, an eight-way joystick, and five menu buttons, with a 3-inch trackball at the center for your PC navigation needs.

Features include a plexiglass surface with a beveled edge, programmable buttons, cabinet mounts just in case you finally do get around to getting a full cabinet, and three color options. It measures 36.25 x 14.4 inches (w x d).

Available now, the Xtension Two Player Control Board is priced at $349.

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