XXXLamp Is A Giant Lamp For You Ceiling, Will Probably Pull It Down Too


Preparing a guest room for a giant of a visitor?  Ceiling lamps rarely play the bedroom centerpiece, but the gargantuan XXXLamp can’t be anything but the defining element of anywhere it ends up in.

The largest lamp currently in production, it measures a humungous 13 x 5.25 feet, ensuring it can ably fill up any roomy space you want it to.  Of course, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get the damn thing  through your doorway to begin with, but why concern yourself with practicalities?  We can worry about that later.


Created by Belgian designer Bart Lens for Eden Design, the XXXLamp comes with three dimmable white light sources for illumination.  Those with funkier tastes can opt for an RGB LED setup, allowing you to configure it to any color of lighting.  Control it from the bundled remote and bathe any area of your house in a shower of mood-setting, KingKong-sized luminance.

Using a 12-segment construction, the fixture sports a flattened dome body, reminiscent of the shape of traditional Chinese lanterns.   Eden Design suggests hanging it just slightly below head-level (since that’s all your ceiling will likely afford) and entering under it by bowing your head slightly.  If you’re a little taller than usual, make sure to crouch slightly as well.  Otherwise, say hello to your new best friend – head bumps.  Pray that those strong lights don’t end up burning your hair too.

The XXXLamp is currently being prepared for commercial sale.  Expect it to retail at a similarly gargantuan, albeit as-of-yet unannounced, price.

[Eden Design via Dezeen]