Yakima Showdown Brings An Easier Way To Load Kayaks And SUPs On Your Car’s Roof


Loading a kayak onto a roof rack is no easy task, often requiring an extra pair of hands or a small stool to climb on to get things just right. The Yakima Showdown wants to change that.

A new roof rack design, the rig lets you load a kayak or a SUP from the side of the vehicle rather than straight up the roof, so you can balance the whole thing on the rack within easy reach. Once it’s mounted properly on the side, simply push in the whole thing towards the roof and watch it slide in place.


The Yakima Showdown can clamp onto any crossbar on the car roof, ensuring it can install without much fuss. Once installed, simply slide it out and tilt it down to put the mounting docks at a waist-height position, allowing you to load a kayak or a SUP board (or a SUP-kayak hybrid) without carrying anything over your head. Felt-covered saddles ensure it will be gentle on the boat, all while flexing to accommodate its exact width and hull shape. Do note, while you can use it to mount up to two kayaks on the roof of a car, you’ll need to have a minimum of 60-inch crossbars to get that setup to work.


Dimensions are 42 x 9 x 9 inches (length x width x height), with a weight of 21 pounds. Other features include tool-free installation, compatibility with SKS locks (in case you want to secure it more permanently), and the ability to fold down for a low profile when not in use.

Available now, the Yakima Showdown is priced at $449.

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