Yamaha VSP-1 Voice Masking System Prevents Eavesdropping

Want to keep people in the vicinity from eavesdropping on your conversations?  You can try talking low — really low.  Or you can just use this: the Yamaha VSP-1 Voice Masking System.

Designed to increase privacy in public areas where sensitive information might be exchanged (e.g. banks), the device uses sound to drown out conversations.  According to Yamaha, up to 89% of people’s conversations can be obscured with the machine turned on — very useful when you’ve got ninjas on your tail trying to spy on every word you say.

The Yamaha VSP-1 is a 9-inch tall tower that looks like a single-piece desktop speaker.  Well, it works like one, too, piping 8 different sets of sounds designed specifically to camouflage conversation, such as a running river, forests and urban chatter.  Controls are available from the top, so you can place it under a table and have easy access.

The masking can work cumulatively, so using two or more items will ensure that you can obscure the entirety of your conversations.  That way, those pesky ninjas can listen in all they want and hear nothing but the sound of babbling rivers and chirping birds.

Due out in April, the Yamaha VSP-1 Voice Masking System will retail for ¥105,000.