Yamaha VXR Waverunner Packs 1,812cc Engine, Lightweight Body

You just upgraded your car, your bike and your trailer.  Now, that old jet ski in the garage looks due for a replacement, too.  And if you want the best successor to your now-beat up personal watercraft, the VXR Waverunner could very well be the worthy pick.

Made by Yamaha, the badass watercraft is a compact, lightweight, and high-performance machine that should help you maximize the speed and thrills of driving like a madman on water.  It can fit up to three people, too, so you don’t have to enjoy the exhilarating experience all by your lonesome.

The Yamaha VXR Waverunner hides a 1,812cc 4-cylinder marine engine under the shell — the largest one ever used to equip a watercraft in its category.  Race-level acceleration and high top speeds can sap your gas, of course, which is why this comes with a generous fuel capacity of 15.9 gallons.  The engine can’t take all the credit for its ability to perform on water, though, as the ride also has one of the lightest hulls and decks in the market, courtesy of the NanoXcel material, which effected a 25% reduction in weight compared to conventional materials.

Other features include an auto-off slant detection switch (to protect the motor when the ride capsizes), a unique lubrication system, computerized engine management, reverse movement (for getting out of tight spots), a multi-function meter (for simpler at-a-glance readings), 57 liters of onboard storage space, automotive-style dual convex mirrors and an extended rear platform.  Oh yeah, there are two cupholders, so you can keep a pair of beers within arm’s reach at all times.

Sounds sweet?  The price for your new Yamaha VXR Waverunner doesn’t sound all that unreasonable, either, at $11,000.