Yann Travaille’s Unique, Doodle-Like Tattoos


Tired of traditional tattoos?  Can’t bear the thought of being inked with more slick Americana images, impeccably-shaded portraits and detailed Oriental masterpieces?  Try getting your next work done from Yann Travaille, who’s been working his needle putting permanent doodles (yes, the exact same ones you can imagine your third-grade nephew drawing on his notebook) on his clients’ skin.

Yann boasts one of the oddest tattoo portfolios I’ve ever seen, filled with plenty of single line drawings and crayon-like shading.  The tattoos are definitely fascinating to look at, though a few of them make me a little queasy, looking like gel pen renderings your drunk friends tend to draw on your face when you’re passed out on the floor.


Some of the art look absolutely rad with beautifully-drawn stick images, interspersed with flowing, pinstripe-style lines.  A few others, however, just look like crazy doodles from some bored 7-year old trying to pass the time.  I guess art really is in the eye of the beholder with what you let someone put on your skin being completely your business.

Whether you like all of his designs, fancy a few or hate everything, you have to admit it’s an original take on what has largely been a rarely-changing medium.  With his tattoos, there are very few busy details, largely basic color patterns and lots of blank skin in between the ink.  At the least, it’s a refreshing change.

[Your Meat Is Mine ]