Year ‘Round Sled Takes The Winter Out Of Sledding

Sledding is seriously fun during wintry climes.  Unless you’ve got Santa Claus for a neighbor, though, you’ll have to wait for snowy weather to take a slide down that hill.  Not the case with the Year ‘Round Sled, a single-rider sled rigged for all-season recreation.

In the winter, you just ride it like any regular sled, putting the plastic runners to the snow-covered slope and letting gravity do the rest.  A pair of tack-on plastic ice molds are thrown in for the rest of the year — fill them with water, slip them into the freezer and attach them to your sled once frozen.  The ice will reduce ground friction similar to the snow, allowing you to speed downhill even in the summertime.

The Year ‘Round Sled uses a traditionally-shaped shell, made from durable high-density polyethylene and measuring 38 x 20.5 x 6 inches.  It weighs a light 10.5 lbs., so kids (and you with your puny arms) can haul it without any trouble.  Each sled can only handle riders up to 200 lbs., so those a little heavyset might want to grab two and tie them up together.  We’re not sure if that will work, by the way, but it sounds fun to try.

Hammacher Schlemmer has it for $89.95.

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