Yellow Flash Watch Puts A Lightning Bolt On Your Wrist

Gotta love Jeremy Scott and his cartoonish design quirks.  If you bought one of his Wings or Flames kicks, here’s the watch to go with the over-the-top, superhero-inspired flair of those sneakers: the Yellow Flash Watch.

Made by Swatch and designed by Jeremy, this is the exact timepiece Flash would have worn if superheroes wore watches. And if his costume was yellow.  And if he didn’t mind looking funky.  At any rate, this is a way, way cool design that should really set it apart from the other timepieces sitting in your dresser.

The Yellow Flash Watch has a rather mundane case and dial — a round, plastic housing and a plain analog face in two colors (black and yellow), typical of cheap Swatch watches.  The bolt band is plenty special, though, coming dressed in a comic book lightning shape, making for a really unique wrist adornment.  It measures 10 inches long and 1.5 inches at the widest point, with nine notches for letting you adjust the fit.

We’re not sure how the Yellow Flash Watch actually looks when worn on the wrist (the lightning shape should be somewhat obscured).  It looks like an absolute visual treat when laid out stretched like on the picture, though.  You can pick one up now, priced at $70 each.

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