Robot Super-model

Yes, You Can Have A Supermodel Girlfriend


And you won’t even have to buy an e-book to learn how to get one.

Consider the many dangers of today. Purse snatchers can come from out of nowhere. Drivers seem more dangerous by the day. Lightning can strike at any time. Earthquakes hit parts of the world we never thought would see a tremor. But while much of the world today is worried about obvious dangers from people and nature, there is one danger it seems no one is talking about. It is all around us. It is in our homes when we don’t realize it. It is waiting, and it is watching. Robots.

Okay, you remembered that as the last line from Transformers, right? Okay, maybe you didn’t, but you can’t ignore the danger robots represent. Movies like Transformers and Terminator hint at our plight if technology advances to a stage that we can no longer detect the enemy in our midst. But don’t be all scared just yet. There is a silverlining to this whole thing also.

Now with this recent robot unveiled by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science, you can imagine what problems wait for us in the future. By creating a lifelike robot that looks just like an Asian super-model, people across the world will find themselves gawking and flirting with the prettiest lady on the block before realizing, if they ever do, that they’re enamored with a robot.


At 5 feet tall, 95 pounds, the HRP-4C can mimic the expressionless, lifeless strut of a super-model down to the robotic cavorting we can a runway walk. In fact, the designers believe their creation is so life-like they are going to insert it into Tokyo’s five-day fashion show.

It’s possible this robot will do only what it’s programmed to do. It’s possible it won’t break down, decide humanity is too great a danger to itself, and kill us all. But even if all it does is its job, what does that mean for models across the world? Robots can be made at a fraction of the cost for a super-model’s salary, and best of all, they won’t snap back at you when they think you’re working them too hard. Suddenly it doesn’t sound all that bad.

Via Pink Tentacle