Yeti Flask Adds a Stealthy Drinking Vessel to the Outfit’s Drinkware Lineup

Yeti already makes plenty of drinkware for enjoying your favorite libations, from cocktail shakers and beer koozies to beverage buckets and beer mugs to a whole slew of other pieces. Made with dual-wall insulation and stainless steel construction, they make for the perfect rugged drinkware to use around boats, campsites, and other outdoor settings. The Yeti Flask is the latest addition to that growing lineup.

That’s right, Yeti just added a flask to their drinkware collection, allowing you to sneakily sip your spirits in a rugged vessel that can take a beating. Do note, this is one of the rare Yeti drinkware that isn’t dual-walled, so you can’t quite use it for beverages you’d prefer to drink either hot or chilled, instead simply allowing you to enjoy your choice of libations at room temperature.

The Yeti Flask comes in your standard flask form factor, with a wide body, slim frame, and a narrow neck, ready to dole out minuscule amounts of your favorite intoxicant with every sip. It has a 7oz capacity, so you get enough to enjoy a quick buzz after stressful moments on the go, all while remaining small enough to remain stealthy, so you can go about your day without giving away you’ve got a fourth of a bottle’s worth of spirits tucked away underneath your jacket. Construction is 18/8 stainless steel, so it’s resistant to punctures and rust, ensuring your precious libations are duly protected from all the hazards the outdoor offers.

Unlike most of their drinkware, this one is strictly single-walled with no vacuum, so there’s nothing to insulate whatever drink you decide to put inside its main compartment. That means, you can’t use for your morning espresso during the drive to work, so you can’t really use it for anything beyond its intended purpose. For holding your favorite whiskey, bourbon, and other equally intoxicating refreshments in a low-key manner, though, this thing will definitely do the trick.

The Yeti Flask comes with a screw-on cap that ensures leak-proof function while it sits snugly inside your pocket, as well as a small funnel that you can use to fill it up with any 80-proof beverage of your choosing without making a mess. Nobody likes cleaning up stinky alcohol off tables and floors, after all, not to mention it would be quite the waste to spill a more expensive bottle of your favorite spirits. The flask, the cap, and the funnel are all dishwasher-safe, by the way, with the outfit recommending putting the flask on the top rack and the rest on the utensil basket.

Dimensions are 5.3 x 3.4 inches, so it’s pretty standard for a stainless steel flask that you can tuck away on your jacket’s inside pocket. It comes in six colorways, including ones that are meant to go with the rest of the outfit’s powder-coated drinkware pieces in colorful finishes. There’s also a basic natural stainless finish for those who don’t like their alcohol flask standing out in a crowd.

Want one? The Yeti Flask is available now, priced at $50.

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