You Can Drop YETI’s Panga Duffel In The River And All Its Contents Will Stay Dry


We admit it. When we first saw YETI’s Panga Duffel, we totally thought it was another one of the company’s awesome soft coolers. I mean, what else can it be? Apparently, we were wrong, as the darn thing is an actual duffel bag that’s been built with the exact same rugged qualities as their indestructible ice boxes.

Designed to accompany your outdoor adventures, the bag comes with a waterproof construction that allows you to take it along rivers, lakes, and seas while still managing to keep all your gear dry. And, no, we don’t just mean splashes, spills, and the occasional rain. Instead, the darn thing is fully submersible with bonded seams and airtight zippers leaving zero access points for any water to enter, ensuring not a single drop can seep through no matter what activity you engage in.


That means, your kayak can turn over, your YETI Panga can sink in the river, and your whole stash will be perfectly dry when you dive later to retrieve it. And, yes, the fact that water can’t get in or out means you can use it as a makeshift cooler, although the lack of insulation ensures your ice will probably thaw before you reach the destination, so that’s definitely a bad idea. You may as well keep your drinks in a dry bag or something.

Aside from keeping air and water out, it should handle every bit of abuse the outdoors can send its way, so you can drag it, dump it, and throw it around without any worries of inflicting damage.  All that durability, by the way, comes courtesy of the outfit’s ThickSkin shell, which keeps the whole thing intact, regardless of what hard and rough surfaces it comes in contact with.


It comes in three sizes: 50-, 75-, and 100-liters, so you can get the exact size you need for any kind of adventure, whether it’s one that requires you to pack a lot of gear, a whole lot of gear, or a ridiculous amount of gear and supplies. To put it simply, all three size options can accommodate quite a healthy load.

While the YETI Panga can be carried on one shoulder like a traditional duffel, we have a feeling the size is going to make for quite a less-than-ergonomic carrying style. I mean, 50 liters minimum on one shoulder just feels like torture. As such, it comes with a pair of straps for carrying over two shoulders like a backpack, along with haul straps on each side for lifting it with two hands or dragging it along the ground.

Whether on the boat, the ATV, or the truck, the six total lash points allow you to strap it down securely for safe transport. Other features include an EVA flat and molded bottom, tough-as-nails Metallock hardware, YETI’s signature DryHaul straps, and two stowaway mesh pockets that keep your valuables secure but ready for easy access at all times.

Pricing for the YETI Panga is set at $299.99 for the 50-liter, $349.99 for the 75-liter, and $399.99 for the 100-liter. It’s slated for availability later in the year.

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