Pack Your Own Frozen Yogurt Snack With YO2GO


Packing food from home is always more economical than buying grub as you go. And that holds just as true for a frozen yogurt snack as it does for the sandwiches you brown bag for lunch. And while most any travel mug can serve as a decent frozen yogurt container, this YO2GO should make for a more suitable on-the-go parfait cup.

Made by AdNArt, it’s a travel cup with two distinct compartments: a main area for your yogurt and a detachable lid compartment for toppings that’s big enough to fit a few strawberries with several spoonfuls of cereal. That way, you can keep the toppings separate from the yogurt the whole time, ensuring they don’t get soft or soggy by the time you decide to eat the whole thing.


The YO2GO is a reusable 12-oz. parfait cup that you can slip into a lunchbox or hold in a backpack pouch during commute. Just like travel mugs, it has a hard acrylic body, so your packed snack won’t get squished, with a size that should fit most hands without a problem. It comes with a spill-proof silicone ring, so your lunchbox don’t end up with a sticky mess, and a spoon that attaches to a band around the body, allowing you to partake on the dairy treat whether you’re in the car stuck in traffic, walking to work from the parking lot, or being escorted out of the office after being told you’ve been laid off (yeah, you might want to trade in the yogurt for ice cream, preferably alcoholic, on that one).

Available from Amazon, the YO2GO is priced at $8.49.

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