YOBO Hammock Stand Collapses Into A Pile That Straps To Your Backpack


Camping stands are great, allowing you to hang a suspended bed without a sturdy tree or a post in sight. Problem is, they tend to be difficult to transport, making them a little awkward to bring along when you’re hiking or spending the day lounging around the beach. The YOBO Hammock Stand offers a more portable solution.

Unlike most hammock stands, this thing won’t require the bed of a pickup or the boot of a car to transport. Instead, the darn thing can collapse into multiple small pieces, allowing you to take this even when you’re hiking on foot with nothing but a backpack in tow.


The YOBO Hammock Stand is a bipod stand consisting of two poles that break apart into three snap-on pieces, with spiked tips for better stability on any terrain. Each stand comes with two stakes and durable Lawson cordage to further secure it during set up, with a standard two-stand setup able to support up to 300 pounds of weight.


Features include aluminum construction for the poles and stakes, a durable top ring for hooking your hammock and cords, and an optional pole that lets you use the stand to set up a tarp for shelter. And, yes, you can use just a single stand if there’s another place to secure the other end of the hammock (like a solitary tree or your truck).

A Kickstarter campaign is running for the YOBO Hammock Stand. You can reserve a unit starting at $120.

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