This Curved, Wooden iPad Stand Works On Both Hard And Soft Surfaces


Most iPad stands look like… stands, which is to say, they don’t look all that sightly when merely sitting on your desk. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, wouldn’t you rather have something that looks like a display piece when it sits there empty? That’s exactly what you get when you trade in that wireframe stand for the Yohann iPad Stand.

Designed by Swiss architect Berend Frenzel, the stand features a curved body behind the dock that holds the actual tablet. That curved body can be set down in one of three angles, giving you different options for propping up your iPad in both portrait and landscape orientations.    Even better, the curved shape allows it to work not just on hard surfaces like tables and floors, but on soft surfaces, too, so you can stand your iPad in bed, on a pillow, or even on a hammock.


The Yohann iPad Stand comes in three different sizes: one for the standard iPad, another for the Mini, and a large one for the 12-inch Pro. All three are available in a wooden construction, each of which is individually milled from a single piece of wood before being sanded, polished, and waxed by hand. The Pro model also comes with magnets under the dock, where you can snap on your Apple Pencil for a handy storage spot. All the stands are strictly for iOS tablets, although they do make a 9.7-inch version made from polymer that uses adapters to accommodate other brands of tablets.


Pricing for the Yohann iPad Stand starts at $129.

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