Yoostar Lets You Defile Movies Without Even Trying

Ever wondered what would happen if you put “studio-grade” (okay, not really) movie-making ability in the hands of regular people?  If you take Yoostar’s angle on it, they’ll defile the classics to insert themselves in the scenes.  That, exactly, is what the company’s latest kit does.

The idea is to put yourself right in the middle of your favorite movie scenes, whether it’s a hilarious Abbot  and Costello skit or a dramatic exchange in Stallone’s ever-classic Rocky. All this is done without any video-editing skills – just Yoostar’s easy-to-use basic set.

Consisting of  a USB webcam, a green screen, a camera stand, a remote control and Windows-only software, the Yoostar kit lets you shoot yourself and your friends on video.  Choose a movie scene to bastardize, pose with the green screen behind you, turn the camera on and begin the performance of your life.  The software will do the rest, automatically inserting you into the original movie.  It comes with twelve movie scenes by default, with hundreds more available for download from their site.

Want to join the crew of chain-smoking Mad Men?  Fancy taking Marlon Brando out of his Godfather seat?  Think Forrest Gump would have been much better with you in the lead, since your IQ is a perfect fit?   Yoostar lets you do all that and more.  After you’re done with the desecration, you can share the resulting train-wreck with other dishonorable movie-makers at the Yoostar website.

The Yoostar is available directly from their website for $169.95, with each extra movie scene download costing $2.  Expect YouTube to flood with thousands of movie defilements and watch out for my personal rendition of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.  Horror!

[Yoostar via Uncrate]