Add A Touch Of Nature To Your Home With This Yosemite Coat Rack

Bringing some of the outdoors into your home usually involves adding houseplants into the mix.  And there are plenty of simple, minimal-maintenance options out there, such as the Airplantframe and the Modern Sprout Planter. If you’d rather not deal with any of the hassles of having actual plants in the house, though, this Yosemite Coat Rack could offer both a decorative and useful alternative.

A coat rack made from reclaimed tree trunks, it puts what looks like a small tree whose leaves all fell out during the season right in your home.  It’s pretty, it’s natural, and it brings a little of the outdoors right into the digs, with none of the potential hassles of real plants anywhere in sight.

Since it’s a coat rack, you can use the Yosemite Coat Rack to hang your jackets, hats, umbrellas, and more.  If you nail two of these to the floor, you might even get away with hanging your Field Hammock on them for even more nature-inspired things inside the abode.  Because it’s a real reclaimed tree trunk, each one is completely unique, from the numbers of branches (between 10 to 15, on average) to the way they’re distributed along the trunk’s length.

While called Yosemite, the trunks are actually sourced from Thailand, where mangosteen trees are regularly cut down and burned after their fruit-bearing years have passed.  Each of the trunks that are turned into a coat rack are salvaged from the burning, then trimmed, sanded, and stained for the handsome finished product.

The Yosemite Coat Rack is available from UncommonGoods, priced at $400.

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