You Buy It, You Break It – The Less Lamp


You’ve already got a couch that you can smash into shape.  Now, complement it with a giant egg that you can crack into a personalized design with the Less Lamp, a customizable, highly-original, ceiling-hung lighting fixture.

Created by artist Jordi Canudas, the pendant light source starts life as a stark-black hanging egg.  Once you’ve got it hanging from your ceiling, you can then grab a hold of the included pick axe and begin poking at the shell.  Punch holes into the shade, crack parts of it open and come up with your very own one-of-a-kind lamp.  Even better, once you’re bored with its look, you can simply burrow more holes into the thing to change it up.


The Less Lamp is a 10 x 8.75  inch (H x W) sealed lamp, with a breakable, all-black shade built out of plaster.  It can take an incandescent bulb inside, but since the whole thing is closed shut, it can’t illuminate until you begin punching cracks and holes.  You can slice your ornamental shade into half, punch a smiley face with the holes or even stick jewels into it if you’re feeling a little extravagant.

You buy it then you break it, then when you get bored, you go and wreck it some more.  Almost my kind of furniture – you can destroy it and not worry about negative consquences.   Of course, I shop at the $2 flea market, so it may not exactly be the same.   The pleasure of being able to tear down your own lampshade will damage you $875.

[MOMA Store via Technabob]