You Can Heat Water and Cook Soups in Grayl’s 24oz GeoPress Ti Water Bottle

If you’re going to carry a water bottle when backpacking, it might as well be one that can do a whole lot more than just fill up with water for on-the-go refreshment. That’s exactly what they’re doing with the Grayl 24oz GeoPress Ti Purifier, which bundles water-purifying and cooking capabilities alongside its standard water bottle duties.

A titanium version of the outfit’s popular GeoPress, this water bottle gets the same proven water-purifying tech that cleans the water as soon as you seal it in after filling up. Except, of course, the titanium construction allows you to use it for cooking, too, letting you make soups, hot drinks, and more right in the same container.

The Grayl 24oz GeoPress Ti Purifier uses the same general design as the outfit’s other filtered water bottles. First, you fill up the outer container with water from any source you can find in the wild, then insert the filtering sleeve right down the middle, pushing it down as the water automatically passes through the filters and enters the sleeve. That means, you’re not walking around with a bottle of dirty water that gets filtered as you sip, since the water is already clean by the time you put on the lid and lock it in tight. According to the outfit, the sleeve can filter all the contents of the bottle in just eight seconds, allowing you to have clean water in no times.

How good is it at filtering? Grayl claims it removes all waterborne pathogens, particulates, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and more. It also removes flavors and odors, so you’re getting fresh-tasting water each time out. The filtering sleeve is fitted with six one-way duck bill valves, by the way, which prevent backflowing of water (or any beverage) already insider the sleeve, so you can fill it up with drink mixes without worry of any contamination.

Because of its titanium construction, the Grayl 24oz GeoPress Ti Purifier can be used as a functional cooking vessel that you can put on top of a camping stove, a backpacking stove, or even a makeshift open fire cooking setup. Do note, you’ll have to remove the filtering sleeve when using it for cooking, so you’re simply using the outer titanium container.  It also gets metal butterfly handles that should withstand high temperatures, as well as an optional titanium lid for covering it up when cooking. The lid even comes with its own handle, a vent, and pour holes, so you can pour liquids out of the vessel with the lid on.

Do note, it uses a filter cartridge that’s rated for up to 350 cycles, which should be around 65 gallons (250 liters), so you’ll have to replace it once it’s reached its limited. Sadly, there’s no indicator for when the filter is done, so you’ll have to be a bit vigilant about that. Construction is CP4 Grade 1 titanium for the outer bottle and cook lid, with BPA-free and food-grade plastics and silicone for the other parts.

The Grayl 24oz GeoPress Ti Purifier comes out in April, priced at $219.95 with the cook lid included.

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