You’ll heart this Flash Drive


Remember the days when the greatest marvel used to transport data was the flash drive? They replaced disk drives as the primary vehicle to carry information, both for their convenience as well as their higher storage capacity. When they first came out, a great flash drive carried 256 megabytes. At the time, all storage, even on desktops, was so much smaller than it is today that 256 megabytes seemed like an unlimited amount of space.

These days, the 256 megabyte flash drive is a thing of the past. It’s almost impossible to find one for less than 2 gigabytes (thats 2,000 megabytes). With regular sales from technology stores, it’s common to find a 16 GB flash drive for as little as $40 USD.

But what isn’t common is a flash drive that’s both useful as well as flashy. A couple now come in some weird colors, such as the Verbatim deep purple 4 GB flash drive, but for the consumer world that has become increasingly tailored to the interest of women, flash drives are nice but they sure aren’t pretty.

Until now.


Look at this beautiful jewel necklace, which hides under its heart-shaped frame a convenient 8 GB flash drive.  This gift is perfect for the lady in your life. Or, if you happen to be that lady, it’s the perfect treat for yourself.

Unfortunately, these necklaces only come with a maximum storage capacity of 8 GB. As the data demands of the population have grown, 8 GB just doesn’t seem like that much anymore. But, as with other flash drives, you can bet the capacity will soon rise. And in the meantime, 8 GB is plenty to transport your documents, more than a few pictures, or perhaps a few songs. Best of all, you’ll be doing it in style.